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There are several things that all farmers like myself need to be aware of before we even begin the process of feeding our pigs. Preparation is key so when starting to choose which pig feed is right for you, you will need to plan carefully. Here are a few tips to help make this process easier:

  • Be Specific

A good farmer will need to know the exact weight that they want their pigs to grow. When selling the pig their fat content will become a factor. If I want my pig meat to have a lower fat content then I must choose a less fattening pig feed.

  • Get Expert Advice

If you are just starting out in this industry then it can be invaluable to seek advice on raising your pigs. Those who know the specific breed will be able to help you develop a targeted plan. This will extend to the type of pig feed you use.

  • Use Variety

Pigs have hearty appetites and are not fussy about the things they consume. For this reason it is useful to add a bit of variety into their diet. This will not only relieve the pig’s boredom, it will also ensure that the stock is given a balanced diet.

  • The 50% Rule

There are plenty of different grains on the market but there is one rule that most farmers stick by. The feed mixture must be at least 50% yellow corn. Wheat and barley are also adequate substitutes. It is not ideal to use bird proof sorghums however.

  • Sanitation

Pigs are known to eat leftover feed when a feeding has finished. To avoid this it is important for the pigs to be fed in sanitary conditions. Any leftover feed must be swept away before it can go off.

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