Manufacture your product? Start by creating a protoype.

After a fair amount of research considering your, USP (unice selling point), material choice, and industrial design and cost,  it’s time to take your ideas to the prototype stage.

Watch and learn.

Making a prototype will further your practical knowledge and understanding of the processs, and give you the benefit of trying it out on customers. Watch them interact with the product, type down their first reactions and over all impressions.  At this point you might encounter flaws —  try seeing it as an opportunity to modify the design.
To avoid manufactoring costs create several basic models when trying out your brilliant new concept. If possible make them yourself or ask around in your network — someone might have just the skills you need.

Package is everything.

Even though you have an amazing product, without a stunning package design no one will notice.  This is the customers first impressions and  what ultimately sells. The design should reflect your USP and tell your specific story.  Maybe you want it to be cohesive with other products in your brand?

At the same time  you must have the customers in mind; who they are and their preferences. There is also a functional dimension, packaging should protect the product from getting damaged in the distribution. Get inspired by others designs and play around, remember this is one of the fun parts.


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